To the woman who is out there,

You know who you are,

The one who seems to have it all,

Who others never see flounder or fall,

Those who have built a wall around them,

So that when they shatter,

It can be in a nice container manner.

That same woman is the one who lets her hair flow,

As if carressed by the wind and let her skin glow,

As if kissed by the sun.

She is one and the same,

Choosing which parts to show and share,

But knowing both are presently aware.

How to bring the two together?

Like long long sisters embracing forever.

Sisters nurturing each other,

Equal parts action,

Equal parts compassion,

Genuinely receiving and actively giving that which the world needs --

Sweet nothings, Sweet everythings.

(Original composition by Vanessa Benlolo)