What are Soul Speak Sessions?

A fluid, highly personalized, one-on-one, intuitive guiding process where you discover a connection to your soul and build regular practices that allow you to embody and manifest your soul's purpose.

How does this support me?

  • Remove limiting beliefs.

  • Fall in love with the unknown.

  • Embrace strength in vulnerability.

  • Focus your energies.

  • Develop healthy boundaries.

  • Gain clarity from your own heart wisdom.

  • Learn to trust yourself.

  • Be your authentic self.

  • Have a heart centered life.

  • Be comfortable being still.

  • Discover and live your potential.

  • Trust your decisions.

  • See the world as a mirror.

  • Use your feelings to guide you.

  • Hear the whispers of your soul.

  • Shine light in the darkness.

  • Unlock your gifts.

  • Reach new levels of consciousness.

  • Create with ease.

  • Experience harmonious relationships.

Your authentic self is your soul made visible.
— Sarah Ban Breathnach

If you are committed to being your true, authentic self and living from soul, then schedule a Soul Speak Session™ consultation below.


Program Offerings


Invitation to Soul

Be grounded and make an initial connection with your soul, that part which is the authentic expression of who you are. Gain clarity around the most important story your life is currently showing you and receive at least one soul-guided insight applicable in your day-to-day life. Receive what your soul so desires to express at this moment.

1 session, available through video conferencing or in person.

Invite my Soul

Soul Access

Begin a practice of grounded presence allowing for direct access and communication flow with your soul. Begin to unwrap and understand the stories of your life and breakthrough illusions created by the mind. Be still, create space and engage your curiosity to explore, feel, and begin healing the stories over-laying your soul. 

  • 7 weeks total - 7 weekly one-hour video conferencing or in-person session.

Access my Soul

Soul Presence

Create a clear inner channel that allows you to begin embodying from soul perspective. Gain clarity in decision-making, focus your energies, and create healthy boundaries that support you in honoring your soul and becoming your authentic self. Be aware of your own self-sabotage, stop seeking from the outside, and begin to trust your own instincts, fully immersing in your authentic presence. Show up more, love more, and feel more joy in your life.

  • 3 months - 12 weekly one-hour video conferencing or in-person sessions.

from 565.00
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Present my Soul

Soul Activation

With a clear channel to receive your inner wisdom, you will take soul-aligned actions and transform your life - to one of true soul expression! We will create healthy boundaries, heal conditioning, and remove blockages while making new enriching choices that bring joy, love, ease, and flow to all areas of your life. Take the actions that enliven your soul!

  • 6 months - 24 weekly one-hour video conferencing or in-person sessions.

from 565.00
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Activate my Soul

soul embodiment

Immerse yourself in your essence and have each choice, action, feeling, reflection anchored in the body. Integrate - heal on the cellular level, take soulful action daily, and receive intuitive support from the body itself to align the body, mind, and soul.

  • 9 months - 36 weekly one-hour video conferencing or in-person sessions.

from 565.00
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Embody my Soul

Soul manifestation

A complete nurturing of the soul. You will be supported through all the steps: Access, Presence, Activation, and Embodiment in order to be able express your soul in physical manifestations. This is for the most committed. Be ready to see your soul and its creations adorned in beautiful spectrum of colors.

  • 12 months - 52 weekly one-hour video conferencing or in-person sessions.

from 600.00
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Manifest my Soul