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"Vanessa has a natural capacity to help a person shift through their perceived limitations. As a teacher she is inspiring, thorough and bold." 

Jean Yzer, P.T., CLT, LANA, Director, Total Lymphedema CareThe South Florida Breast Cancer Rehab Center


“Your greatest gifts based on my personal experience working together is your ability to guide people without seeming arrogant or preachy as some people tend to do in a learning environment . always make the person feel comfortable asking questions and encouraging them regardless of their limitations or experience. Through your words of advise your intelligence shines through. You are one smart cookie. I can see you mentoring young women in all aspects of their lives...not just through the career minefield but also as a life/love coach. Damn girl I wish I had it together as well as you do at your age!” 

Dr. Karen Kassabian, Dentist

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"Vanessa Benlolo is a force for awakening your soul's truth. I've worked with Vanessa on a number of purpose discovery courses and have seen her make a huge difference in people's lives. She brings an unbridled enthusiasm for the power of purpose, along with tenderness as a woman who walks the same path she guides. There is nobody quite like Vanessa - few can match her presence, diligence, compassion and effectiveness as a coach and teacher."

Brandon Peele, Purpose Guide and Author,