John, My Husband

I always say, "I am able to be more of the woman I am meant to be with you, than without you." You enhance my life and are there for me at events, ready to plug in a blender, get water, re-arrange chairs...pretty much helping me in all the ways I need. Thank you, without you I wouldn't have the foundation to flourish the way that I do. I love you!

Tristan and Cassidy, My Step Kids

Thank you to both of you. Your hearts are so large - you accepted me right away and I loved you right back! Each day you teach me about life and help me heal the wounds of having been a step child myself. I am grateful for the ability to be here to support you on your soul journeys. So much love for both of you!


Our meeting was a true synchronistic event - two women from Aruba meet in a purpose challenge and become life-long friends. You believed in me before I even believed in myself. Thank you for taking the chance on working with me - it allowed me the time and practice to nurture many of the offerings on this website. Thank you!

Vanessa Faria

You are a light in the world. Thank you for holding sacred space for me and helping me know that it is safe and beautiful to embrace the more hidden and esoteric parts of myself.

Deborah Skye King


You have opened up an unseen and gorgeous experience that I only imagined I could gain acccess to. I feel so nurtured, seen, and understood - I really don't have words to express the feelings I have for you, but I know you already know what I mean and I don't need to explain any further. : -) 

Brandon Peele


You have such a big heart and vision for how the world can be. Without you, I wouldn't have known how to start and fully commit to my soul's purpose. And your methods are the most effective for working through resistance and getting actionable results. Thank you for seeing my potential and nurturing it. 

My Mom


Ohh mom, you always believe and support in my dreams. No matter what they are, you are right there behind me saying I should go for it. I love our relationship and most of all I love to hold your hand in the moonlight and I wish I could do that more and more.

Oscar Medina


We always seem to be on the same path no matter the distance between us. You are my soul brother. I admire and respect you so much and I can't wait to see what we continue to create.