Does your family cause you to feel guilt, shame, anger, sadness, or loneliness?

What if you learned that the pain in your back, knee, the physical weight that you carry or constant headaches are due to an ancestor's unhealed trauma that your genetics still carry? That would be a revolutionary breakthrough and a relief in understanding where the source of your physical, mental, or emotional pain comes from. 

Your ancestors’ past emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual pain is stored within your DNA.

Scientists now understand how the genetics of your ancestors affect your physical, emotional, and mental behaviour and patterns. Trauma experienced by earlier generations can influence the structure of our genes, making them more likely to "switch on" negative responses to stress and trauma. 

Hormones and glands at any age can be affected by past abuse and trauma. You inherit these genes from your ancestors. They can cause you to struggle emotionally or physically with issues today, but these experiences can be healed.

Releasing these inherited patterns that are passed down generationally will free you to express and experience who you are now.

Generational Healing™ gives you peace of mind and allows you to engage emotionally with who you truly are.

Who are your ancestors?

Your Ancestors are part of you long after they have passed on. The subtle energy that vibrates in your DNA holds memories of your Ancestors pain or trauma once lived. You might find yourself questioning why you have certain thoughts or emotions, why you feel pain in your hips or have constant headaches or backaches? What we have discovered is during a Generational Healing™ session, people become lighter, happier and release the pain they carry.

Your Generational Healing™ Session


During your Generational Healing™ Session, you will lay down comfortably in a peaceful, quiet, healing space. We will discuss your family lineage, what is ailing you, and what you are experiencing in your life that you would like to change.

Then, I will invite one of your ancestors to come forward to receive healing. As I am guided, the subtle energies communicate and share with me what your ancestor experienced and what they have come forward to heal. You will understand how what you have been experiencing in your life has been impacted by your ancestor's unhealed trauma, that is now released.

The best way to receive is by opening your heart and mind, allowing your ancestor to receive the healing work that they desire to be released, and so you can experience the benefits of feeling lighter, happier, more relaxed, and at ease.

Sessions last one hour and in every session, one ancestor comes forward to heal one trauma that is currently being experienced by you.

What can be healed?

  • Physical pain that you carry from an ancestor.

  • Mental trauma that your ancestor is asking to be healed.

  • Emotional trauma that is causing you to feel the way you do.

  • Spiritual wounds that keep you feeling lost and uncertain of your purpose or destiny.

Vanessa is a professionally trained and certified Generational Healer™ & Teacher and Spiritual Guide, under the on-going guidance of Deborah Skye King of Soul Therapy School.®

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If you are interested in training to become a Generational Healer™, please send me an email as there is an opportunity to apprentice at this time.

Sessions Now available Globally

See me in person in locations across Ontario, Canada or schedule your Distance Generational Healing™ and receive healing in the comfort of your own home.

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~ Testimonials ~

I can say with great confidence that Vanessa is masterful healer. She brings a depth of presence and heartfelt energy to her work that is healing in and of itself, and her skillfulness in facilitating Generational Healing ™ is outstanding. She practices this healing with deep reverence and respect for the practice and for the ancestors , and you can’t help but be transformed in one way or another by working with her.
— Angela Croft
Prior to my session, I was experiencing anxiety, fear of moving forward and the feeling of having to prove my gifts to others. I saw visions that my ancestor had shown me, and it really helped me to understand where all my anxiety was coming from. I felt the energy the whole time during the session and I felt amazing after. Like a weight had been lifted. Now I’m not scared anymore. I would recommend Generational Healing to others because it’s enlightening and it not only helps us understand ourself better but it heals our ancestors and it sets them free.
— Ashley Frost
I was connected to part of my emotional core which is so important to who I am. I also have a greater sense of openness in my emotions tied to a feeling of strength which has been a real driving force for me. Some very important pieces fell into place for me, things that have shaped my life are now easier to relate to objectively and blocks to my emotional expression, including with my family, have been transformed. The level of sacredness and devotion present in the entire body of this healing is deep and absolutely beautiful. Not only can people receive such amazing and supportive transformation for themselves, but the fact that this healing reverberates throughout generations and removes stagnation from mother Gaia’s evolutionary heritage is truly palpable.
— Nick Veit
Prior to my session, I was always trying to serve others (mainly women) ignoring my own feelings and desires. I received insight to take care of myself first. After my session, I am feeling very grounded, light, safe, peaceful and fulfilled. Thank you so much Vanessa for your powerful and supported session. I was thrilled and received exactly and even more from it! It was amazing! Thank you for being present with me and giving me this wonderful experience. ❤️❤️❤️ Love you and thank you again! I was extremely happy and grateful!!
— Veronika Galueva
Well before my session I felt intrigued to learn about my ancestors. I was a bit nervous about what I would find but confident in Vanessa and her healing abilities with the ancestors. I had suffered alot of fear based behaviours and always wanted to know where that had come from. I felt amazing. I had a huge release. I cried for my ancestor but I also cried for me. My body felt great my mind was torn. I felt at peace knowing that my ancestors was healed and also so happy to know the some of my puzzle had been fixed. I would love to do this again :)
— J.M.
This session dramatically impacted my sense of self-confidence and led to some major shifts in my relationships with family and others. It was challenging to experience, but there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that it was what needed to happen for me to acknowledge what I want for myself in this life and take the necessary steps to achieve those things. Vanessa created such a safe and welcoming space to do the healing in and made me feel very comfortable. She was very insightful during my follow-up questions and provided me with tools to use as I moved forward with this Self-exploration.
— J.O
My body and mind feel light and calm. Learning about my ancestor’s life helps me look at my life with a different perspective. Hearing from my ancestor gave me clarity regarding my overall life direction.
— Leon Arispunandar
From the moment I met Vanessa I was intrigued by her brilliant energy. I wanted to know more about everything she was speaking about. I have had a few sessions with Vanessa now and have gained a great deal of insight about myself, my body and my path. It’s difficult for me to describe how Generational Healing has impacted my life - I feel lighter and react to physical sensations in my body with an inquisitive mind as opposed to reacting with fear and worry. Thank you for sharing your guidance and gifts Vanessa!!! I look forward to our next session together :)
— Amie Young
After my session, I felt very grounded, safe, and connected to something special. My ancestor’s special message was...”Don’t be afraid to have children. Don’t use the excuses to cover up the fear of having them. The relationship between a mother and a child is a wonderful experience.” My boyfriend and I have been thinking about having a baby and since we have many hesitations, this was a good reassurance that things will be ok. Vanessa is very professional, caring, compassionate & warm-hearted.
— Anonymous