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  • 55 Spring Garden Avenue
  • North York, ON, M2N 3G1
  • Canada

Our ancestors are present and alive within us. Their emotions, desires, talents, unfulfilled wishes and unhealed traumas are presently being experienced by us in our everyday lives. Just as our talents are inherited, so are our traumas generationally repeated. Through connecting with your ancestors, you may learn that the source of physical, mental, or emotional pain you experience is due to an ancestor's unhealed trauma still present in your genetics. We will gather in sacred circle to connect with our ancestors, honor their journey and offer the gift of Generational Healing™.


We all have a connection to our ancestors that is profound and potent.


Tonight Vanessa Benlolo will demonstrate the connection we all have to our ancestors with an overview and demonstration on Generational Healing™. She is a Professionally Trained & Certified Generational Healer™ and Spiritual Guide. Those in attendance will have the opportunity to be selected to receive Generational Healing™ as part of the demonstration.


You may bring a picture of your ancestor or a special item that may have belonged to them or something that reminds you of them to place on the altar to honor them specifically during this evening’s gathering.


*This offering is $30 plus HST ($33.90) per person and an honor for our ancestors. Please use the link provided to purchase your ticket so I may know how many of you will be present. Feel free to bring a friend or loved one, or both.


Tickets: https://vanessabenlolo.acuityscheduling.com/schedule.php?appointmentType=4420436






During a Generational Healing™ session, you will lie down comfortably, in a peaceful, quiet healing space. We will discuss your lineage what is ailing you and what you are experiencing in your life that you would like to change.


The best way to receive is by opening your heart and mind, allowing your ancestor to receive the healing work that they desire to be released, and experience the benefits of feeling lighter, happier, more relaxed, and at ease.


Those in attendance will have the opportunity to be selected to receive Generational Healing™ as part of the demonstration.


FOR MAP, DRIVING DIRECTIONS OR PARKING: http://www.omtoronto.com/contact.html


OM TORONTO is accessible by TTC taking the Yonge-University line. Closest station is Yonge and Sheppard.




If you have any questions regarding this offering or Generational Healing™, please email me directly at vanessa@vanessabenlolo.com or call (647)802-9044.