Topic: ~ Understand How Unhealthy Family Dynamics Stop You From Trusting Yourself to Make Empowered Choices and Limit Your Self-Worth as a Woman ~

Everyone wants to have happy family relationships but in order to experience this, one needs to look at the raw truth of where people are in their family dynamics. Unhealthy family dynamics are unconsciously repeated through guilt and shame down generations and lineages. This blame and shame is not honouring of the true connection of the relationship between the soul parent and the spirit of the child. The trauma due to unhealthy family dynamics is carried, but unacknowledged, and hinders you from trusting yourself, making empowered choices, being loved and feeling expressed.
Parents have not modelled healthy family dynamics through healthy boundaries and clear communication, and this begins to create an environment in which the child begins to doubt themselves. It brings confusion to have what a child is experiencing, be denied. Through the Soul Parent | Spiritual Child™ model, we will learn that happy family dynamics are the responsibility of the family and how to be honest and honour family dynamics and the spiritual choices of each individual.

We will explore:
1. What are unhealthy family dynamics?

2. The effects of unhealthy family dynamics on the individual

3. How the cycle of unhealthy family dynamics repeats in families

4. What are healthy family dynamics?

During this seminar, Vanessa Benlolo will share the effects of how unhealthy family dynamics play out in how the individual experiences themselves and how to create happy family dynamics. If you find you lack the trust to make empowered choices for you and your family and want to heal from unhealthy family dynamics you experienced growing up or currently experience in your own family, you will gain insight by attending.

All seminars are interactive providing you with ample time to engage with Vanessa to ask personal questions pertaining to your family.

Vanessa Benlolo will also share how you can receive on-going, one-on-one support from her, to trust yourself and build healthy family dynamics. All insight is coming directly from the children, those here and those yet to come.


All women ~ Women who are desiring to consciously conceive a child in the next years, currently pregnant, recently have given birth or are a seasoned Mother or Grandmother who is seeking support, you are in the perfect place to grow and nurture yourself and your family.

Feel free to share this offering with any women that would be interested in empowering herself as a women and mother.

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Vanessa Benlolo is a professionally certified Soul Parent | Spiritual Child™ Evolutionary Educator, Generational Healer™ & Teacher, and Spiritual Guide.

At 11 years old, having felt dismissed and suppressed herself, Vanessa vowed to free children from the oppression they feel within their own families and to help parents honour and support the spirit of their child. Vanessa has always had a deep connection to children and through her own upbringing in a blended family and now as a step-parent, she continues to explore the relationship between parents and their children. In her own journey of preconception, she is divinely connected and receives direct guidance from the spirit of her future child in creating her best life. Vanessa now supports women and their families in becoming Soul Parents in this new evolutionary approach to parenting. Her mission is to support parents in healing from their upbringing, developing happy family dynamics and honouring the spirit of their child.


If you have any questions regarding this offering or Soul Parent | Spiritual Child™ Evolutionary Education, please email me directly at or call (647) 802-9044.