• Sanctuari (map)
  • 275 1st Street, Unit 13
  • Collingwood, Ontario
  • Canada

A 7 Month Inner Goddess Circle

Designed for the Woman Desiring to Embody her Divinity

Join me on a journey to awaken your sacred feminine essence.

I will guide you through Sacred Ceremony and through 7 Ancient Feminine Awakenings to access and embrace your divine feminine essence.

This opportunity is exclusively for women who desire to embrace that part of herself that has been too exhausted and overwhelmed in an attempt to fill and succeed at all the roles she plays and wants to awaken her intuition, speak and live her truth, express her sensuality, open her heart, embrace her creativity, and experience her divine essence as a woman from a place of deep, heart -centred knowing.


Who is an Inner Goddess?

The simple answer is that we all are goddesses but many of us have suppressed, denied, disowned, and shamed parts of ourselves to be accepted and loved by our families, friends, colleagues, and society at large. Our divine essence and innate wisdom has been denied for the last 5000 years, where patriarchal structures and mind-driven decisions have ruled. The role of the feminine has been diminished to that of the seductress or an object. Before this time, communities used to honor the goddess as the divine creator. It is time for the rise of the feminine so that both the feminine (yin) and masculine (yang) can be in harmonious balance, offering the gifts that they both possess.

The inner goddess is the feminine, shakti energy who recognizes, sees, and feels all aspects of herself as divine and trusts with heart-centred confidence and connection that she is the creator and agent of transformation.

The divine feminine represents the depths of our subconscious, the connection to the universal source of energy. She stands for nurturing our intuition, empathy, community, wellness and purpose. She brings to light all that has been repressed, denied, and suppressed with love and compassion.


What’s included in your Inner Goddess Circle?

~ Inner Goddess Invocation Ceremony ~

~ Awaken the 7 Feminine Aspects of your Inner Goddess ~

~ Inner Goddess Crown made from your Feminine Essence ~

~ Creation of your Inner Goddess Truth Necklace ~

~ Inner Goddess Bath Creation infused with Flowers & Feminine Moon Medicine ~

~ Sisterhood & Transformation ~


Monthly Sacred Gatherings

Sundays at 11:30am

Mar. 17th ~ Wild Woman

Apr. 21st ~ Beautiful Muse

May 19th ~ Golden Heroine

Jun. 15th (Saturday) ~ Earth Empress

Jul. 14th ~ Medicine Woman

Aug 18th ~ Wise Woman

Sept. 13th (Friday - 6pm to 10pm) ~ High Priestess

(High Priestess is available only to those who have journeyed through all six ancient feminine awakenings)


Sanctuari, Collingwood

In the fall I was asked by spirit and the ancestors to build a drum and hold a drum birthing ceremony near the waters in Blue Mountain. During this ceremony while sitting on the rocks jutting out into the water, in the tobacco offering, an outline of a goddess appeared. As I was drumming to birth the spirit of the drum, I felt a strong presence behind me standing in the south. I turned around and there was a tall goddess. When cut and returned the umbilical cord to mother earth, I clearly heard, “you are all safe here.” She showed me that this drum would be used to gather women in sacred circle in Collingwood and to invoke the Inner Goddess within so we as women may feel safe in sisterhood and in society. It is with this intention, that I offer the Inner Goddess Circle in Collingwood at Sanctuari.


Awaken Your Sacred Feminine Essence : 7- Month Inner Goddess Circle

Invest in Yourself & Your Future

Pay in Full: $525 + HST

Includes attendance to all 7 Inner Goddess Circles

Monthly Payment Schedule available: $80 + HST/Month

Must attend all Inner Goddess Circles to be able to participate in the High Priestess Goddess Circle.


How To Reserve Your Spot in the Inner Goddess Circle

Sign up for a complimentary consultation using the following link: https://vanessabenlolo.as.me/?appointmentType=6223322

Sign up using the following link: https://vanessabenlolo.as.me/?appointmentType=5207862

If you have questions, please email me at hello@vanessabenlolo.com or call (647) 802-9044.

With deep, heart-felt love and blessings, xo

Vanessa Benlolo