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Soul Parent | Spiritual Child™ Women's Conference ~ Toronto 2018

During this 2-day conference, we will dive into what the Soul Parent | Spiritual Child™ model is for women, what it looks like to you, your child's future and to the planet as a new system of parenting from the heart of your relationship based on soul evolution. You and your child have been together before, they choose you as their parent for many reasons and during this conference, we will dive into understanding what is being asked of, by these new children as their mothers. 

If you are a seasoned mother or grandmother, these teachings will open you up to a new awareness of your own childhood upbringing and how to change the current relationship dynamic that you have now with your adult children, grandchildren, teenagers or toddlers.

There are five main areas the conference will cover:

Preconception ~ Intuitive Guidance From Your Spiritual Child

Conception ~ Healing Your Womb, Body & Mind To Conceive Your Child

Birth ~ A Women's Initiation In Her Own Power & Creative Life Force

Motherhood ~  Embracing Motherhood With Compassion & Love  

Soul Parenting ~ Leading From The Heart of Your Spirit of Your Child

Children's core needs are very different from when you or your parents grew up, they have a higher sensory input and sensitivities to their environment and seek a meaningful deep relationship with their Mother especially in preconception and during pregnancy where most healing needs to take place, prior to birthing a new human into our world. 

     Our children and the children of the future want to be fully expressed, seen and heard. 

The current parenting model is over 70 years old, it's seeped in unconscious behaviours that have been passed down from generation to generation fitting an idea of this is what a family should look like in society, which to most, is traumatic to the emotional and mental well-being of a child's need for safety and security in the world. This model is so outdated that it is crippling the future by the way parents are bringing up their children as they are more sensitive emotionally to their environments than generations past. 1 out of every 4 households is steeped in conscious and unconscious emotional abuse, that is painful and leads to children who grow up in a painful psyche and emotional body. 

Do you have a child who is sensitive and is not fitting into the mould of how society expects her/him to behave and socially interact or receive information? Today's child is very different, they do not want to experience the pain from the past of your unhealed wounds from childhood, they want you to do the work on yourself before they arrive or at least as they grow up, to take a responsible lead in healing the family's lineage of abuse and trauma. Most of these children come here knowing exactly what their life purpose is, they are gifted and unique with their own set of talents and goals. They want to get busy doing what they are here to do at a very early age, no longer waiting until graduation from a university or high school to begin their lives.

Who should attend?

Women who desire to have children and want to understand what it truly means to become a new mother, personally and in relation to her partner and the larger community and world. If you are wondering about the spiritual paths that support birth and conception then this is a perfect place to understand what those avenues are. 

If you've have had a challenging relationship with your mother, and want to heal yourself so that your emotional wounds don't get passed onto your own children, via epigenetics, this is the place to be as Deborah Skye will go into detail about the relationship of the mother-child bond, how this seeps into every relationship and how you view the world and yourself in it.   

Why you should attend

The world needs heartfelt, soulful, strong & vulnerable conscious women to take the lead in creating a new model of being a mother. Women are the decision-makers in the upbringing of their children and when a mother is empowered with the awareness of choices available to her and her child or pregnancy she can experience her life as a mother in a new way. 

To have a powerful connection with the spirit of your child from pre-conception to adulthood is a new model of honouring each child's uniqueness and providing them with the opportunities to express their own brilliance and beauty into the world. 

Parenting is a lifelong relationship, women see this utopian vision of what becoming a mother is, and the truth is, it's nothing like what you see on tv or in movies. Its real, raw, intense, challenging, it will push every button you have, it will bring up unhealed aspects of your own childhood, it will show you possibilities of how incredible and resilient you can be, areas in your life that your spiritual child is here to support you in claiming. Your child is here to serve your evolution, and live their own with your guidance and support. To be able to embody this relationship fully in the way your child desires prior to birth, old models, social conditions and family patterns need to be cleared up and reframed into a new model of living as a family, one where anger and fear are replaced by respect and love. 


Deborah Skye King, CEO of Soul Therapy School® + Founder of Soul Parent | Spiritual Child™

Deborah Skye is the world's leading authority on Soul Therapy, CEO of Soul Therapy School®, Founder of Soul Parent | Spiritual Child™ and The 13 Mystical Wisdom Teachings ~ Generational Healing™.

She is a Bestselling Author and fierce Earth Mama Warrior, whose goal is to protect the rights of all sentient beings. She lives the life of an Ancient Wisdom Keeper travelling to sacred destinations around the world and researching the origins of humanity. Her teachings are the platform for how to live with ancient sacred heart wisdom to empower women globally at Soul Therapy School®. 

Her mission is to eradiacteMothers into the human family for future generations.

Her primary focus is on dismantling old conditioned systems while creating new pathways of freedom for women and future generations to be authentically& fully expressed through her programs, global retreats, online training and private practice in Toronto.

Vanessa Benlolo, Soul Parent | Spiritual Child™ Evolutionary Educator

Vanessa Benlolo is a professionally certified life and executive coach, soul guide and spiritual healer. Vanessa guides women who desire to experience flow, freedom, joy and fulfilment by showing the connection each woman has with her inner guidance system, embodying her feminine essence, and manifesting positive change in her world.
Vanessa’s intention is to support the evolution of human consciousness and that means supporting you in remembering who you truly are – releasing past conditioning and generational trauma, to allow your real essence to emerge and share its magnificence. She knows the mother earth desires you to be as you truly are – limitless, loving, and free. 

Vanessa supports your healing though Soul Speak Sessions™ an intuitive, soul-based, holistic coaching program, Generational Healing™ healing your family lineage from generational trauma, and sacred women's circles. She is a Soul Parent | Spiritual Child™ Evolutionary Educator. 


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