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Aruba Native, Vanessa Benlolo, is a Soul Speak™ Guide, Professionally Certified Soul Parent | Spiritual Child™ Evolutionary Educator, Generational Healer™, Life and Executive Coach, and Spiritual Healer.  

Vanessa guides women during preconception and the first years of being a mother, embracing her desire to embody her own feminine essence, while self honouring, trusting and respecting her own internal guidance system and connecting to the spirit of her child.

Her intention is to heal past generational wounds and patterns, providing a supportive space for women to grow and learn about her true self, while creating and manifesting positive change in her community and family.


I believe the soul is the true essence of who you are and you are divine. I believe that we are each unique and are evolved and conscious when we are embodied and whole. My desire is to support your evolutionary soul journey ~ to release conditioning and heal generational trauma, so you may be your true, magnificent, and divine self. When I see you, I see your soul, and when I hear you, I hear your soul speak.
— Vanessa Benlolo, Soul Speak™ Guide

Her desire is to see women living from a place of peace and clarity, creating healthy boundaries to express herself in her discovery of self in relationship to others and the world.

Through her signature offering, Soul Speak Sessions™, an intuitive, holistic soul-guiding program, Vanessa guides you to become still and grounded in your body so you may trust and feel safe within your own being and come alive and whole in all aspects of your life.  These sessions are highly personalized as Vanessa uses the intuitive guidance she receives to support you.

There is nothing more important in this life than discovering who we truly are and creating from this place of deep inner knowing, in purposeful service to humanity.
— Vanessa Benlolo, Creator and Founder of Soul Speak Sessions™ & The Soulful Entrepreneur™

In 2012, Vanessa became professionally certified as a Life and Executive Coach through the Coaches Federation of Canada. She further trained in mindfulness and visualization practices through Harvard Medical School’s Continuing Education Program and studied in the Purpose Masters Program out of Berkeley, California. In 2016, she co-led hundreds of people worldwide in discovering their soul's purpose. 

Vanessa also co-founded Fingerprint Life, a hub connecting people and organizations to seminars, coaches, and signature experiential, evolutionary, and embodiment programs to actualize your unique purpose fingerprint.

When I dove deep into the work of living my soul’s purpose and guiding others in doing the same - a common thread became obvious - one that many people were living disembodied, had become confused, and did not have a clear connection to their soul or their purpose. Life in this state is meaningless and unfulfilling. Many people would come to this work of living their purpose later in their life and we would need to heal past trauma and release social conditioning first. I wondered what it would be like to grow up free of this conditioning and be as clear as the first day you came into physical being. This re-awakened my childhood dream of working with children. I desired to support parents and their children so that their true essence is nurtured from the very beginning. And so, I deepened my commitment to the evolution of humanity through a year-long intensive training and became a Soul Parent | Spiritual Child™ Evolutionary Educator.
— Vanessa Benlolo, Soul Parent Spiritual Child™ Evolutionary Educator

Vanessa supports her clients in Collingwood and Toronto with monthly gatherings on Healing With Your Ancestors & Inner Goddess Circles at Sanctuari Transformative Arts Centre, OM Toronto and at The Rock Store

Vanessa offers Soul Speak Sessions™ ~ an intuitive, holistic soul guiding program and Generational Healing™  to heal your family lineage from generational trauma while supporting women with Soul Parent | Spiritual Child™ as an Evolutionary Educator.

Vanessa guides women, men, and children both online and in person.


When Vanessa isn't soul guiding and leading, she can be found canvassing local, organic farmer's markets in search of fresh ingredients for her next gourmet cooking session, turning on her inner light in daily ritual, communing with mother earth, meditating to gain clear insights, connecting with conscious leaders, or enjoying the new art exhibit in nearby museums or galleries. She currently resides on 90 acres in Loretto, Ontario, Canada.

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